Linux commands “a”

These are the most common bash commands in linux. Some of them, depending of the distribution can´t be available or have been replaced for another ones.
adduser Add a user to the system

* Command is Centos: # useradd <username>
This command create a user locked. To unlock the user add passwd <password>
* Command in Debian: # adduser <username>

addgroup Add a group to the system
alias    Create an alias. It´s useful when you use commands with options

* Example: # alias ls=’ls -l’ From now, when you type ‘ls’  is like ‘ls -l’

apropos Search Help manual pages. Same as # man -k
apt-get Search for and install software packages (Debian)
Interesting command. This command allow you
update – Download new list of apps
upgrade – Upgrade the app
install – Install new packages
remove – Remove packages
purge  – Delete and purge packages
source – Download font sources
build-dep – Configure build dependencies of font packages
dist-upgrade – Upgrade the distribution
clean – Delete downloaded files
autoclean – Delete old downloaded files
check – Check in fulfill dependencies
awk Find and Replace text, database sort/validate/index


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