Back Track 4

Back Track 4 is ready.

This is one of the most famous security distribution.  Is considered as “The Swiss Army Knife for security assessments” .

Final version is available to download from 9th January 2010.  Let me tell you that I have tested Version 3 and Version 4 Beta and for me it was much better version 3. Maybe because I have been looking for information about the installation for days and then, the problems with my wifi laptop … finally, everything was working fine.

When you are testing a “new” version you compare with the previous one and you try to find out the  same tools and paths.Anyway if version 3 is working, why should I try a new version that is in Beta?  That was my thought cause  I was going to spend a time I didn´t have.

I´m downloading the .iso image to install in a 2Gb Pen-drive. I´ll test this new version and I´ll try to explain you my experience.

You can download ISO files HERE

If you are a VOIP, netwoking, security, forensic… passionate you should test it!!