Maltego, PenTest tool

As I said days ago, ” I will test Back Track 4″. So, I did it!

Let me tell you that I only have been testing Maltego tool. Oh my Goooooood!!!!! It´s amazing. This is a forensic and pen-test  tool.If you want to check a domain, website or whatever in a network, this tool can help you. It is graphical and you can see the evolution easily.

For example:  You want to know from outside, which information of your company people can get . This is an example:

As you can see, there are a lot of data that maybe you don´t want to be available from Internet. This is only the start 😦 because Maltego can get the following information:

* E-mail directions

* Ip addresses, even if you have more than one

* Net block

* Phone number (in case that is placed in website or another kind of document acceded from outside.

* MX record

* Location

* NX record

* Domain (you know an ip address and you want to know all domains behind this  ip)

* Documents

* People(social networks)

There is a lot of info… so, if you think that your network is safe and the people only can see your website… check this tool before 🙂

This is the user guide:

Once you have tested, you can get your own conclusions.

Recomended 100 %!!


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