Today is time to speak about  me 😉

I am a bit confused because I would like to do lot of things but the current situation is not the best. I always say: “PMA(Possitive mental attitude “. Take possitive experiences and discard negatives but learn with it.
Certainly, my current job is close to expire.

Next month I will be in another country without a job and a place to live. The only thing that I know is:
“This is an important step in my life cos the dream that I am trying to get”
Important values:
1st – Improve my english
2nd – Become a good professional

The above values should be together. I am not considering just one.

Now, there is no back step.

Yesterday, I was a bit frustrated because I have made an interview and I am feeling that my network and security skills are vanishing. I need a job as soon as possible as a Network or security engineer.  I am losing competences and this is not good  for me. I understand the  interviewer side, but at the moment, I have been working in this field 2 years ago.

Anyway, I am sure that I am valid to work as Network or Security engineer. That’s why my plan is on going.