Unix directory

Lest’s have a look inside the unix directory structure.

Directory Description
bin Essential command binaries
boot Static files of the boot loader
dev Device files
etc Host-specific system configuration
lib Essential shared libraries and kernel modules
media Mount point for removeable media
mnt Mount point for mounting a filesystem temporarily
opt Add-on application software packages
sbin Essential system binaries
srv Data for services provided by this system
tmp Temporary files
usr Secondary hierarchy
var Variable data

The above is the main folder structure, but there are some of those folders that we should check in deep.

/dev/null This virtual folder discards all contents written to it.
/usr/bin Stores the executables that are in /usr.
/usr/lib Required libraries are stored here
/var/log System log files
/var/mail All incoming emails are stored
/var/spool files in which printers are involved as spools, print jobs or other task that have been queued.