Checkpoint command line

IPSO commands

newimage Installs IPSO OS from the local machine
newpkg -m localhost Check Point package Install
ipsctl -a displays all of the IPSO Settings and Values
ipsctl -a ifphys:eth-s5p1:errors|more display errors on eth-s5p1
ipsctl -w net:ip:tcp:default_mss 1460 Change MSS to 1460
netstat 1 shows network stats every second
ipsofwd list displays ipso properties (flowpath, etc)
ipsofwd slowpath turns off flows (flowpath turns back on)
fsck -fyb 32 check the file system on a flash based nokia (KB 1355433)


printenv print environment variables
install install an image across the network
boot boot  an image

clish commands

show useful-stats Shows Disk, VRRP, RAM summary
show package all List all packages
show package active List active packages
show package inactive List inactive packages
show images Show installed images
show image current Show current image
delete image [name] Delete image
set hostname testbox Set Hostname
set date timezone-city “Greenwich (GMT)” Set Timezone
set static-route default nexthop gateway address priority 1 on Set default gateway
set static-route nexthop gateway address on Add static routes
hostname testbox Set hostname
set package name name [on | off] Set package name
add arpproxy address macaddress 0:a0:1b:3e:33:f1 Add Proxy arp
add ntp server version 3 prefer yes Add an NTP server
add package media local name [opt/packages/IPSO-3.9.tgz] Add package
add host name testbox ipv4 Set hostname assignment