IPv4 “Exhaustion??”

I thought that this would be a new step but seems like all other kind of inventions in the it world. At the end it is only with hte purpose of money as usual. The amount of money for big companies or even small companies is important at this time.

Apart of the economic part, is the people ready for ipv6? Iwould say that in terms of knowledge I don´t know so many people who khow that is translated to ipv6 to 2001:0db8:1234::a00:1. From my point of view, I am not ready for ipv6. What about the subnetting tables, classful ranges, etc….

I was following so close the IPv4 exhaustion but it was something like the 2000 efect. And now…?!!!  World keeps turning!!!

I don´t expect a change in next 5 years. In the last years, the inccrement of ips has been exponential due to the new technologies. Who at this time is not using a smartphone or tablet … ? Each of this devices with a 3G connection is using an ip to connect to internet, then… let´s see how this happens.


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