I was thinking today about security. In the way to work I use to read a book who is talking about it. My mind is becoming paranoid. I was working before in a remote site too far away of the crowded city but now the situation is different. I am in a big city.  When I´m going for work I see a lot of people with laptops, smartphones, tablets… and I only think in security.

Are all of those devices really secured? I´d like to think that at least, the professional people  a device 100% secured. When I say secured… at least have an antivirus and  password to unlock the device or password and some kind of encryption.

I believe that all other devices of teenagers and people who is not using the technology for work is not so protected. I saw some people unlocking the screen with a code number (that is good) and also with a figure code that is not so good(basically is because if you see the telephone against the light you would see the figure).

With a simple test, you could figure out how many devices are running with a open window when I say that I´m refering with bluetooth or wireless active. I know that for most of them, it is better having conections active because they can save 5 seconds in activate(aaahhhhh!!!).

I´m remembering my ages as administrator:

Me: – (looking out of the keyboard), please type your password.

User: – I wrote my user and pass for you in a peace of paper. I´m going to  put some order here in the office.

Me: …..LOL!

Back to handy devices, there are many kind of attacks for smartphones that could be used with bad intentions. There are tons of stupid apps that people is downloading and they don´t update . This kind of apps are a good start to exploit.

Just some security advices:

  1. Put a password in your device(laptop, tablet, smartphone) to unlock. You could forget it in a public place and anyone could sniff in your personal data.
  2. Don´t save passwords. If someone get access to your device he could spend some time in ebay with your accout.
  3. If you have your passwords there, use a software to encrypt the password database.
  4. Don´t use weak passwords like…. “123456”

When you go to the bank machine, you use to hide the keyboard to avoid watchers. In same way, when you unlock your device, or you see an email try to do the same.

A good idea is using polarised covers.