Discovering Checkpoint 

I’ve started in my new role few days ago and I am excited with this job. That’s the job that I was looking for and finally I got it! 🙂 At the moment I am rewieving some documentation about Checkpoint firewalls. I’ve registered in the checkpoint website to download a checkpoint iso and play arround. I guess that my new challenge is get the CCSA(Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator). At the moment, I only been watching some videos and playing with the VM(Virtual Machine).
The lab is as follow:
1 Check_Point_VPN-1_R65_VE Virtual Machine with 4 virtual adapters
2 Windows 2008 server with Smartcenter, SmartView Monitor and SmartView Tracker installed on it. It is a bit limitated because is a trial but it is ok to know how to create rules, policiesa and so on.
3 Solaris VM

That’s all. I didn’t touch so much the Solaris machine but I think that there is enought time during this coming year.
Just tell you that Checkpoint are the most important firewalls currently in the security environment.

As I told before, I am happy with my new job.