I´m so sorry for the delay. When I say 1 week means less than 2 weeks :p.

I should be talking about VOIP, you´ll know why next week, but the current topic is Phones . I have in mind change my phone. Why? We are living in a consumer world. Years ago, when it started, you only could choose 2 or 3 different models. That is not possible currently. This can be positive, or negative. It depends… In my case is negative. I like most of the new and expensive ones 🙂 and I don´t know which one I´ll choose finally.

These ones are my favorites :

Nokia N900

Nokia N97

HTC Hero

Apple iphone 3Gs

Important before you get one:

Functionality (do I need all this apps). If you want one of the above terminals and you only want to call  and receive calls…. I think that is not a good terminal for you(just in functionality)

Appearance. Nothing to say in this topic because everyone is different. Some people like big screen, connections, color, bluetooth…

Normally, people is influenced by appearance.

If you compare the above smartphones, you can connect to internet, take photos, send and receive emails… only the appearance(or price :)) can influence the final decision.